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The Forestry Building

Client: University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Year: 2021

JMG provided the Civil and Structural design for this landmark UTAS redevelopment. There were several main aspects to the project, spanning from Melville Street to Brisbane Street in the Hobart CBD. The project featured:

  • Significant stormwater diversion along Brisbane Street and through the easement through to Melville Street, built under new and existing building sections.

  • Major modifications to the existing post tensioned concrete slab, including substantial openings and strengthening.

  • New building extensions to increase floor area.

  • Modifications to existing Heritage building on Melville Street to accommodate learning and office spaces.

  • New mass timber roof structure comprising long spanning GLT members and lateral spanning GLT, supported on new GLT columns on existing post tensioned slab.

The Heritage Building design was undertaken with close consultation and coordination with all stakeholders, including Fire Engineers, Heritage Consultant, and the Tasmanian Heritage Council. Seismic load on the heritage buildings was reduced by careful consideration of AS3826 and by separating the adjacent structures. During the design process significant uncovering and site investigations were required to determine the existing structure and details.

A comprehensive ETABS model was undertaken for the site, which allowed for quick and detailed design, and flexibility to change as the design progressed. Additional software such as Spacegass, RAPT and Mathcad were used to review and verify the modelling.

220m3 of GLT panels and 300m3 of structural GLT mass timber were adopted in the design, a likely record volume of mass timbers for Tasmania which was detailed to suit production, sequencing and supply requirements.

JMG also provided engineering design review and certification services for the mechanical, electrical communications, fire and hydraulic services aspects of the project.


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